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Evade & Xcel has been developed through a specific coaching methodology to focus on the niche area of Evasion.

 Through our Decoding process our on line programme provides players of all abilities, the opportunity to learn over 25 evasion steps and acceleration mechanics. Empowering players to emulate the best in the world and take their game the next level. 

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Our vision

Evolution Rugby has been developed to provide personal and bespoke mentoring programme for young aspiring rugby players. Here we #DecodeTheGame into 16 different aspects, unlocking the key components that underpin elite performance:

Catching & Passing – Hand Eye Coordination & Vision Training – Evasion Skills

Offloads – Kicking – Ruck & Jackal – Tackle – Scrum & Lineout – Position Specific

Speed & Agility – Physical Literacy – Social Approach – Mental Approach

Performance Lifestyle – Targets & Goal Setting – Performance Review

The aim of Evolution Rugby is not to take away from the fantastic work done by grass roots clubs and academy coaches, but to be detailed in our approach to support every athlete’s technical, tactical mental and social development. Providing them with a personalised plan that supports them through 2500+ Apprentice, Ace, Pro and Master levels of skill development.

Latest news

Sheffield Sessions

Sheffield Evolution Rugby sessions are based at Warminster Road, S8 8PS Tuesday & Thursday Evenings Session: 5.30pm to 7.00pm Mentoring 7.15pm to 7.45pm

Welcome To Evolution Rugby

Welcome to Evolution Rugby. If you cant find what you are looking for please feel free to Tel: 07958 704287 or DeanMabson@evolutionrugby.co.uk Please see our sessions page for details and find a session near you.

Bath Sessions

Bath Evolution Rugby sessions are based at Walcot RFC, BA1 9BJ. Monday Evenings. Session : 6.00pm to 7.00pm Under 14/16’s. Wednesday Evenings. Session : 5.30pm to 6.30pm Under 10/13’s.

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Just an update from Evolution Rugby,

A massive thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers that have kept the country going throughout the covid 19 lockdown.

All our students and families will be forever grateful.

🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🙏🙏🙏

Since the beginning of lockdown our sessions and EvoRugby mentoring programmes have all moved online.
We have continued to deliver to our 80+ students, our Tuesday and Thursday sessions with 18 lessons to date and over 450 different videos from our EvoRugby curriculum which currently has over 2500+ levels of individual skill and personal development.
Sessions to date have included:

Push Pass
Spin Pass
Hand Eye coordination & vision training
Ruck & Jackle
Scrum half
High ball catch
Physical Literacy
Sprinting Mechanics
Strength and conditioning
Flexibility and stretching
Fun challenges

Well done to all the students and parents for working extremely hard and supporting the process in these unprecedented times, the improvements have been outstanding.
Over 3000 student interactions in the group, an amazing learning community.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in person soon.

Information regarding our return to Warminster Road, will be communicated as soon as we know more from the government.

Stay safe, stay home, protect the NHS 🌈

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A great evening last night at Warminster Road for our EvoSoccer and Evolution Rugby mentoring students. Seb Kane’s March intervention was focusing on
balancing and stimulating the Tonic and Phasic muscle systems.

A brief overview:
Tonic muscles are responsible for holding posture in alignment and preventing deviations resulting in injuries and dysfunctional postures, they are responsible for strengthening the stabilisers and strengthening the muscles that surround the organs, spine and joints.

Phasic muscles are used for dynamic movement. They can weaken and lengthen creating an equal force between the flexor muscles and extensor muscles and improper training can lead to a slouching posture as well as a unbalanced force between flexors and extensors creating rounded shoulder,
and hypo lordosis.

Seb educating our students and parents, giving them applicational tools that they can add into their S & C and physical literacy programs, helping and supporting our students to achieve their full potential.

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A great evening at Warminster Road with
Seb Kane of Fitness Improvement therapy with our Evolution Rugby and EvoSoccer Mentoring students.

Seb’s workshop last night delivering the fundamentals of speed, agility and coordination.

Seb will be delivering workshops once a month to our Mentoring Students.
Giving them practical applications that they can add in to their weekly routines, to help them maximise their range of movement, develop strength, balance and coordination, helping them all achieve their full potential.

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Great to see our RuggerEds and Evolution coaches and players on ITV this weekend.


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Check out our online programmes, from our sister institution EvoSoccer. https://t.co/vxP2nFGCxU
EvoSoccerOnline @OnlineEvoSoccer
Welcome to EvoSoccer Online, our 52 week Evasion / Attacking skills programme is now live!

For more information please visit,

Evasion / Attacking skills programme,

#PotentialintoExcellence https://t.co/x4VBYSlYA2

Highly recommend Mark and PDS to any organisations or coaches wanting to develop their practice and needs centred coaching. It will change your life and the life of your students, if you are willing to be open minded.

#DeCodingTheGame https://t.co/hANiSXhmxb

Great to see our RuggerEds and Evolution coaches and players on ITV this weekend.
Rugby: Hopes Six Nations 2020 inspires interest in sport at grass roots level | Calendar - ITV News https://t.co/EHPED6ZxTa

We totally agree Mark
👍🏻👊🏻🏉 https://t.co/NZw3eHKYMd
Daniel Abrahams @sportpsychshow
The great @PDScoach on the importance of coaches making themselves redundant...

Have a listen (like many thousands have already) to his podcast episode here: https://t.co/cIR346Ybqe https://t.co/q4d6eOYLmW

A great day of learning and sharing the @PDScoach principles with coaches who want to challenge and stretch themselves, ultimately influencing more people.

#DecodingTheGame https://t.co/G6vzYarlOz
Evo_Rugby photo
Ian Hepworth @idgethebidge
Awesome day of learning at the @PDScoach masterclass. I met children between 10-14 that were more articulate about their athletic development than any adult athlete I’ve come across. PDS principles should be part of national governing body courses. https://t.co/GYwR7qtuNn

A great day of learning and sharing the @PDScoach principles with coaches who want to challenge and stretch themselves, ultimately influencing more people.

#DecodingTheGame https://t.co/T0CDe05kPI
Evo_Rugby photo
Rich Freeman @CoachcraftAUS
Great to sneak in some more learning in the UK with @PDScoach in Sheffield. Solidifying concepts and principles and seeing in action. Phenomenal self-aware, reflective and articulate young kids in action. https://t.co/nGKPJEYV6o